NIC.IO Domain Registry

With the .IO Domain


We cordially invite you to join us as a registrar, selling our .IO Top Level Domain Name.

Joining the .IO registrar is easy and enables you to offer your customers the world's most exclusive domain name.

Becoming a .IO registrar will enable you to lower your costs, generate more revenue and will allow your Internet business to reach new heights. In return, we will back you with world-class technology, aggressive discounts and a comprehensive technical support service.

We are not simply the best domain-registrar in the world; we are the only one of its kind!

You can benefit from our program in the following ways:

  • 50% discount off the Retail Year 1 price, allowing you to offer competitive pricing.

  • On-going renewal income from registrations made by your clients. You will retain a significant percentage of the fee based on the total number of registrations made during the preceding year.

  • If you manage more than 100 names you can join our discount scheme:

    Number of live
    domain names
    % discount off
    Registrar Price
    100+ 10%
    500+ 20%
    1,000+ 30%
    2,000+ 40%
    5,000+ 50%

  • Fully automated domain registration system to save you and your staff time: web, encrypted email, EPP.

  • Prompt and efficient service - Zone file (popup window) generated live.

  • Immediate access to our WHOIS server, which can be accessed invisibly and quickly from your own Internet site.

  • Professional and friendly technical assistance is available from 0600hrs to 2200hrs GMT Monday-Friday.

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