NIC.IO Domain Registry

with the .IO Domain

Joining our Registrar Program is easy:
  1. Register 10 or more domains, (full price) or pay the registration fee of $450.00, this qualifies you as a .IO Registrar.

  2. Fill the Registry-Registrar Agreement Form, so we know which are your qualifying Domain name registrations. (blank Registry-Registrar Agreement)

  3. Sign the Agreement and send it to us by email or by fax.

  4. The easy-to-complete Automated WEB Domain Registration Interface for registrar assists you to fully automate your services. EPP interface is also available.

  5. A fast light weight real-time name availability service is available using standard WHOIS client on Port 44
    (whois -h -p 44 [] )

  6. All applicants MUST read and agree to the terms and conditions.

  7. Applications are processed on receipt.
Automated E-mail Domain Registration Form:

Click here for Registry-Registrar Agreement